mardi 10 juillet 2007

Wolfgang Voigt - Stomp (Die Remixe) (1997)

Label: Auftrieb
Catalog#: AUFTRIEB 04
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Pays: Germany
Année: 1997

Style: Abstract, Techno

01 Stomp (Jürgen Paape Mix 1)
02 Stomp (Jürgen Paape Mix 2)
03 Stomp (Auftrieb Mix)
04 Stomp (Originalversion Monotone 1993)

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Anonyme a dit…

there are people who use MACs and can't use your "rapidshare reset" so PLEASE stop using that rapid-rip-off service and use MEDIAFIRE.COM!!! it's FREE and NO LIMITATIONS!
why bloggers use Rapidshare (unless they are getting money to do so) is beyond my conprehension!

Anonyme a dit…

typo correction: comprehension

sasa a dit…

Because is the most reliable {mediafire is OK} service.
Many of us don`t have static ip.
Procedure for download is simple : disconect - reconect and continue download.
You can buy premium acc?
It is not so expensive? Don`t pest and nag! SHOW SOME RESPECT for uploads!
If you don`t like the blog; then just forget about it?

@B.o.E. - TNX for Stomp!

Anonyme a dit…

serieux easyshare ce serait tellement mieux, rapidshare il faut attendre 3h pour re downloader
en tout cas ton blog déchire !!

Anonyme a dit…

you made my point. mediafire is OK, so please use it. when your blogsite is more "friendly" then you will get respect. if you refuse to listen to people who are offering you a BETTER SOLUTION to serve EVERYONE, then whatever you are trying to accomplish here will fail.
my post was not a "pest & nag" it was HELPFUL.

sasa a dit…

I am not author of this blog; just a visitor. Mediafire is maybe better solution for you; but that doesn`t mean that is better solution for me?
In fact; it isn`t!
What are he/she try to accomplish? To share good music? Isn`t that enought?
Obviously not !?!?

Metal a dit…

why is MediaFire bad for you? what EXACTLY is the problem?

Anonyme a dit…

but dudes, easyshare easyshare, its so simple! just forget about mac or pc who cares ?

Thundard a dit…

I have already uploaded several files on Megaupload, Mediafire and others… Always the same problem: Files which are erased (automatic obliteration after 30 days…), temporarily inalienable files… I never had problems with Rapidshare. I can also visualize the number of remote loading. That enables me to know the taste of the visitors of the blog to answer their waitings… Afflicted for the nuisance but, I remain on Rapidshare

sasa a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

ok, thank you for the answer. at least there is a legit reason. maybe you could do what most other sites do and upload on BOTH rapidshare and mediafire. you wont care when the mediafire file gets deleted cuz you'll still have the rapidshare.

anyway, as soon as i find a dump site that doesn't delete after 30 days, you better believe i'll be posting about it HERE!=

to answer sasa: even tho i have a static ip, trying to get rid of the ip by unplug, wait, replug takes longer than just waiting 223min for Rapidshare.

Thundard a dit…

I try to put a file on Mediafire but, I got a error message :

"This file could not be processed because it may be infected with a virus or trojan.

Please check the file and try uploading it again."

I got checked my hard disc with Avast & Kaspersky and, I don't got virus... What's the problem? If it's ok, I put all my rapidshare file on Mediafire... thx for help me ^^

Anonyme a dit…

thanks for posting the Mr. Oizo "M-Seq" ep awhile back, I've been lazy.
Love the Slag Boom Van Loon.
Do you know of any other Speedy J stuff under other names?

9SE a dit…

Yo! c dla bombe ta bannière, ça élève vraiment la qualité de ton excellent blog!
Qu'importe le moyen de partage, l'essentiel est que ça fonctionne.
J'aime bien la fonction limitée de rapidshare, ça me permet d'écouter tes posts avec attention, avant de passer à autre chose, sinon je téléchargerai tout en bloc comme un boulimique (pas très marrant)!

Teno a dit…

J'aime beaucoup le nouveau design de ton - wahoooouuuuu - super blog. Et pour l'histoire de rapidshare ou pas, un peu comme la personne au dessus, j'vois pas l'intérêt de télécharger en masse, j'viens pour la musique, pour découvrir, et je t'en remercie beaucoup d'ailleurs, mais j'viens pas pour remplir iTunes le plus possible pour jouer à celui qui a la plus grosse. Non vraiment j'vois pas l'intérêt de changer.
Merci beaucoup pour ce super blog en tout cas !(et encore bravo pour le design bien sympa!)


plastic a dit…

pas obliger d'attendre, il suffit de retirer la fiche de ton modem de la prise telephone durant les 8 secondes et ton id changera. (Rapideshare fonctionne avec un fonction qui repere l'id qui est propre a ton ordi)