jeudi 12 novembre 2009

Erik & Fiedel (aka Errorsmith & Soundhack) - Donna (1997)

Label: MMM
Catalog#: MMM2
Format: 12"
Pays: Germany
Année: 1997

Style: Techno

a1 Donna
a2 Unterm messa
b1 J beez
b2 Loop 1
b3 Loop 2
b4 Loop 3
b5 Loop 4
b6 Loop 5
b7 Loop 6
b8 Piano

3 commentaires:

Logan a dit…

buy on vinyl if you can
Donna is hands down one of THE JACKINEST tracks in its genre. (and errorsmith and soundhack are virtually in a playing field of their own)
Thank you

Joe Hoyt a dit…

donna is soooooooo good, boomkat has it for sale i think

00100 a dit…