jeudi 1 novembre 2007

Aki Onda - Precious moments (2001)

Label: Softlmusic
Catalog#: som 102
Format: CD
Pays: Germany
Année: 2001

Style: Ambient, Abstract, Acoustic

01 Toward a place in the sun
02 The blank space
03 Floating souls
04 Caress
05 Someplace
06 To and fro, entangling
07 Orange
08 Fish don't know it's raining
09 Ravage
10 Morning, june 24
11 Gazing into the eyes, then closing the eyes

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Anonyme a dit…

mmm - i lost my anal virginity while this album was playing - so magnificient !!!

The Slow Decay a dit…

Have any cool merck records bands in your possession?

Anonyme a dit…

I've been using this cd to secretly pop in and steal people's anal virginity for years. MAGNIFIQUE

Unknown a dit…

requesting link exchange, thx:

Trevor Hartman a dit…

i just discovered the most amazing blog today. it's called boards of electronica

Anonyme a dit…

all i have to wow.......i followed yer site from day one bro saw the neoticker thing saying just me from spain and 1 or two others....look at it now. be proud

stuck in a trap a dit…

anyone got the early stasis peacefog stuff. mnemic image or the whole circuit funk vibe....

stuck in a trap a dit…

how can i upload quickly.....

Anonyme a dit…

i luv yr blog, great stuff. you haven't posted anything in almost a month, look forward to goodies soon...please! ;-)

Anonyme a dit…

"wallpaper music for the enlightened or the avant-garde music fan...his stew of field recordings; instruments like acoustic guitar, kalimba, and light synthesizers; and soft electronics doesn't convince in terms of artistic vision. It's entertaining and very soothing, but it lacks substance."