samedi 5 avril 2008

RadiQ - Graffiti & Rude Boy 67' (2004)

Label: Logistic Records
Catalog#: LOG041CD
Format: CD
Pays: France
Année: 2004

Style: Downtempo, Experimental,Hip-hop

01 Sexual fiction
02 Rock steady
03 Rude boy anthem
04 Block science
05 Till the dawn
06 Dub suite (Tokyo dub)
07 Hip hop racine
08 Tectonic
09 Sound system 2004

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Anonyme a dit…

Merci. I bought this album in Japan in '04, and got it swiped from my car when I came back to the states. I've been wanting to hear it again ever since. I love the way he juggles styles (hip hop, glitch, click, dub, ambient etc.) Peace.