vendredi 3 octobre 2008

Deepside (aka St. Germain) - Tolérance (1993)

Producer, Written-By, Mixed By - Ludovic Navarre. Recorded in the Magic House Studio, Paris. Track 2 is for DJ Laurent Garnier.

Label: Fnac Music Dance Division
Catalog#: 593188
Format: CD, EP
Pays: France
Année: 1993

Style: Acid

01 French
02 II
03 111
04 Girlfriend

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Anonyme a dit…

Super! Est-ce que tu as aussi le Seclude EP?

Ctelblog a dit…

Welcome back mon ami

Anonyme a dit…

One of my favorite eps ever. Love this record, takes me back to better times. Keep up the great posts.

Anonyme a dit…

Many thanks.

Anonyme a dit…

g lp, thank you, i serach double lp of paul johnson : Second Coming (2xLP)

Anonyme a dit…

Do you have the other Deepside EPs ?

Seclude EP
Tolérance EP

and the D.S. CD which has the 2 EPs
Volume 1 and 2

I think this is really a lost moment in house - amazing stuff

Anonyme a dit…

This is totally relevant:

Anonyme a dit…

Hey my name ist Montey, and I'm a electronic/minimal artist from germany. I just want to ask if you can post my album on your site.
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The download link for my album "delirium" is on my myspace site.

By the way, i love your blog and i visit it daily!
Greets from Germany...

delete this post, because i can't find a contact to you :-)

icastico a dit…

Just found you.
Lots of good stuff here.

Saint Malo a dit…

Salut Thundard,

Dommage que tu aies arrêté (semble-t-il) de poster, t'as du très bon matériel, malgré certains liens cassés d'après les commentaires

Anonyme a dit…

Try 'Wilt and Loom' by Paneye:

Tis Sweet!