lundi 28 juin 2010 (Incomplete label!) (Dead netlabel 1999-2005)

HARD (impossible) TO FIND!

Offering "hypermusic on purpose", Falsch was operated from 2000-2005 by Florian Hecker (aka Hecker) and Oswald Berthold (aka Pxp).

Parent Label: Mego

More info: (But the releases are missing on Discogs and present in this pack)

Old page:*/

Format: MP3
Country: Austria
Released: 1999-2005

Style: Noise, Ambient, Experimental

Included in this pack alphabetically (Beware, they are not all there):

*0 - [0,0,0]
B.low - 3.11
Christoph de Babalon - Dark background
CoH - Hide & seek
D'frost - Lost speech, the last we got is gone
Dr. Echtzeit - $db-f(0.12)
Evol - Untitled
Fon - Untitled
Ggtctttat - Snr Coconut-Suck my knoedel
Gordon Krieger - Sonatas for mac voice 1-26
i.d. - ,!____!_7_+!_-+_,.!_g-7-_7_,._y!_g_,-+Xg_+_yXgg,.-
In-fo-tron - Behind the transparent screen
J.O.K.E. - Swamp swallow tapes
Jodi - Jodi
Ken Shoticker - Avatar toolkit
Koji Asano -
Lutsch symphonic orchestra - Lutsch mir den buckel
Martin ng & Jim Denley - FB36
Massimo - Works for
Mäuse - Mäuse
Max Muster - Muster ohne wert
Oval & Frank Metzger - Palm
Pain Jerk - Moto
Pimmon - Top40fodder
Poire Z - C'est juste
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - UNKOTOKO
Shirttrax - CHEWABLES
Slopper - Eating aluminium
Slopper - ismurgTeNN4
Sony Mao - A final balance
Spit - Marina
Ulf Bilting & Zbigniew Karkowski - Bad bye engine
Voice crack - Taken and changed
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzp! - Disseminações

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this and the next post are so fukkin great..thanks

kevinesse a dit…

do you know anything about "anus"?..i really love that post

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You mean this?

kevinesse a dit…

Yes! That's the one! Are there other recordings?...I really love this!

Bleeding Panda a dit…

sick blog friend:) check out my last compilation, used a few trackz from your blog.


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thanks, check out ghostpuncher

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Thanks for sharing the great electronica!

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