samedi 1 septembre 2007

Pub - Summer (2000)


Label: Vertical Form
Catalog#: VFORM001CD
Format: CD
Pays: UK
Année: 2000

Style: Dub, Psychedelic, Ambient (deeeep)

01 Summer (Original)
02 Summer (They can't see us in the dark) (Vladislay Delay configuration 1)
03 Summer (Arovane AMX 1)
04 Summer (Nick Rapaccioli remake)
05 Summer (Later in the dark) (Vladislay Delay configuration 2)
06 Summer (Arovane AMX 4)

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for the post, this is a double EP released on CD, with an extra track. Would anyone have the Japanese edition of this CD? It was released this year or last year...

Anonyme a dit…

Deux très belles remixes de Vladislay Delay :)

Anonyme a dit…

vraiment planant cet album,cela dit la track original de summer reste la meilleure!

The Trashcan a dit…

Thanks so much for this!