mercredi 9 mai 2007

No Unauthorized - Invasion (1987)

Extremely rare!

Label: Fraction Studio
Catalog#: fs48
Format: Cassette, C40
Pays: France
Année: 1987

Style: Rhythmic Noise, Industrial, Synth-pop

A1 Crocodile
A2 Sans requin
A3 J'attends
A4 Hiroshima
B1 Détail
B2 Landru
B3 Dans la tête
B4 Quand le sexe passe

2 commentaires:

t3yfrd a dit…

it was made to bear a close resemblance to Metal Boys which is similarly a french artist.(and accuracy is the touch which went up more!)
Im allowed to unearth a good record and appreciate.

Anonyme a dit…

download session has expired, could you please re-up. Much appreciated.