samedi 19 mai 2007

Sweet Exorcist - C.C.C.D. (1991)

Le tout premier CD sorti sur mon label préféré de tout les temps, Warp Records. Un savant mélange d'IDM et d'Acid conçu par Barratt et Kirk, les membres de Sweet Exorcist. Vous remarquerez aussi la pochette dessinée par The Designers Republic.

Label: Warp Records
Catalog#: WARP CD 1
Format: CD
Pays: UK
Année: 1991

Style: Techno, IDM, Acid

01 Mad Jack
02 Track Jack
03 Jack Jack
04 Trick Jack
05 Kick Jack
06 Psych Jack
07 Clonk's Coming

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dahump a dit…

I love you! I have the vinyl version called CCEP and you've saved me having to copy it across!

Some useless info for you: the name stands for "Clonks Coming CD" (or "Clonks Coming EP" for the vinyl version). The name was a backlash against all the acts who where making "bleep" tracks (which Sweet Exorcist had unwittingly kick started with "Testone"). Sweet Exorcist announced that bleeps were dead and "clonks" were the next big thing hence this release.

This was actually the second of their "clonk" releases, they preceded it with a 2 track 12" Called simply "Clonk" and it had almost identical tracks on both sides, the only difference was the Bass. One side was the "home bass" version, the other the "club bass" (which might have been called "Free bass").

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you, dahump, for this detailed info I had forgotten. I liked the homebass version very much.

ROOKSBY a dit…

Thanks for this - excellent stuff! x