samedi 22 septembre 2007

Hydrus & Kettel - Split LP Series #2 (2004)

Label: Narrominded
Catalog#: NM012
Format: Vinyl, LP
Pays: Netherlands
Année: 2004

Style: IDM, Experimental

01 Hydrus - Qupex
02 Hydrus - Evolve
03 Hydrus - Cave
04 Hydrus - Mighty-Tally
05 Kettel - Thanks, Friendly Sorcerer
06 Kettel - Antique Summerhideout
07 Kettel - Glance N2
08 Kettel - Why Aren't We Talking
09 Kettel - Waking Up Early
10 Kettel - Weeping Pillow II

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Anonyme a dit…

This record is amazing! Thank you for sharing it!

Matthew Irwin a dit…

What is the password to the rapidshare files on this blog? Maybe I'm just too dense to figure out the "type four letters with cats on them," when all of them have cats. This blog is too good to be deterred by kittens clinging onto the alphabet.

Matthew Irwin a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Unknown a dit…

Some awesome IDM on this album! A great find, thanks a lot for your blog.

Unknown a dit…

Some awesome IDM on this! Thanks a lot for this post. 5★ blog

Unknown a dit…

Some awesome IDM on this! Thanks a lot for this post & for keeping such a great blog.

Unknown a dit…

This album is a very intelligent dance music.
The sounds are deep and the ambient around the sounds seems like a colourful atmosphere taht never stops, thanks to upload the album.
Saludos desde México.