jeudi 26 avril 2007

Gravy Train!!!! - Hello Doctor (2003)

Le délire electro-punkette, ce n'est pas trop mon truc mais, celui là, je l'aime bien ^^

Label: Kill Rock Stars
Catalog#: KRS 389
Format: CD
Pays: Canada
Année: 2003

Style: Leftfield, Synth-pop, Electro-clash

01 Titties Bounce
02 Hella Nervous
03 Double Decker Supreme
04 Kottonmouth BJ
05 Laffin' All The Way... To The Bank
06 Burger Baby
07 You Made Me Gay
08 Mouthfulla Caps
09 Gutter Butter
10 Pussy Thrusts

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Thundard a dit…

pass :

Anonyme a dit…

can you re-upload it? please

(and if you have All The Sweet Stuff that would be cool too ;p)

Anonyme a dit…


Payasocastillo a dit…

hola, thanks for this one from gravy train!