vendredi 20 avril 2007

Martin Tressider (aka Aphex Twin) - Universal Indicator Red (1993)

Le deuxième Universal Indicator par Martin Tressider (aka Aphex Twin). Limité à 1000 copies.

Label: Rephlex
Catalog#: TR 606
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Pays: UK
Année: 1993

Style: Acid

Untitled tracks...

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Thundard a dit…

pass :

Unknown a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

thankyou very much!

Anonyme a dit…

I don't know who made which tracks on this, but Martin Tressider is not Richard. They are two diff people.

Unknown a dit…

Thank you!!
(isn't this older than 1993?)
Thanks again!!
And again!!

Teson agnes a dit…

Rephlex.12".1989 [originaly recorded], 1993 [first release].Limited to 1000 copies.Tracks A2, A4 and One3 are not proper tracks, but noise.A1 Untitled (4:27)
A2 Untitled (0:01)
A3 Untitled (4:11)
A4 Untitled (0:12)
A5 Untitled (3:07)
A6 Untitled (4:12)
One1 Untitled (2:50)
One2 Untitled (4:29)
One3 Untitled (0:02)
One4 Untitled (4:21)
One5 Untitled (3:29)