dimanche 8 avril 2007

Plaid - Android (1995)

J'aime beaucoup celui-ci. Surtout le titre "Yak". Il est limité à 1000 copies.

Label: Clear
Catalog#: CLRX409
Format: Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition, Clear
Pays: UK
Année: 1995

A1 Android
A2 Anything
B1 Angry Dolphin
B2 Yak
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Thundard a dit…


pass : boardsofelectronica.blogspot.com

Sparced a dit…

nice work but rapidshare have the most stringent download limit policy. mediafire or zshare are a nice change.

Fatty Ghettoblaster a dit…

Nice work

In future try and use Megaupload/Z share please as Rapidshare only allows one download per hour

Excellent blog :D

Trian music collection a dit…
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Thundard a dit…

For Rapidshare, reset your connection for not waiting one hour for each files. It's work! ^^

Sparced a dit…

it doesn't.

Anonyme a dit…

rapidshare is a bore!

everyone must know that 91 minutes wait!

Anonyme a dit…

Only with RS you have the possibility to download very old stuff, nice choice!

MiXmAsTeRmAtTs a dit…

any mediafire/zshare link over a year old is usually deleted. theres no 15 minute wait on megaupload and i haven't seen a broken link in six months.

cheers for all the music on this excellent blog

Anonyme a dit…

I agree, RapidShare is terrible! The main reason people use it is so they can collect Rapid Points.

Unknown a dit…

Buy an RS account you tightwads!

As leachers you guys take the piss...

Like a dit…

Rapidshare is fine. 'tightwads', lol!

MikeB a dit…

More PLAID magic,, thank you.. 8~)

Rapid Share works fine