vendredi 20 avril 2007

Tom Jenkinson (aka Squarepusher) - Crot (1994)

Cet ep est une bombe atomique acid!Limité à seulement 300 exemplaires! C'est un scandale!

Label: Rumble Tum Jum
Catalog#: RTJ 001
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Pays: UK
Année: 1994

Style: Breaks, Aciiiiiid, Experimental

A1 The Burglar
A2 The Burglar Pt. 2
B1 The Procrastinator
B2 The Procrastinator Pt. 2

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Thundard a dit…

pass :

Anonyme a dit…

anything by tom jenkinson is very well worth to check out! i've never heard of this 12inch, but as you state in your post, it was a very small edition...

thx for sharing music from this incredible wizard, thundard! your work is much appreciated.

cheers, lucky

chemicalmat a dit…

C'est pas trop ma tasse de thé, un peu trop rapide pour moi... surtout la 2.
je préfère quand acid rhyme avec house et sensualité, moins avec drum & bass.

Turk a dit…

You have posted excellent music to share. I would like to link your blog in our 'Recommended' list. Plz visit to see if you would like to be affiliated with us.

btw Ceephax new 12" ep is on-line as well as well as Aaron Spectres recent 'Lost Tracks' and a few others :)

Some mirrors of certain posts & re-posts of Drumcorps 2x12's & Grist Cd, µ-Ziq (Mike Paradinas') as yet uncertain IF it is actually a release or just a collection of songs un-released is available, 4 of the 15 tracks can be heard at his myspace site but no official news as yet so a possible bootleg/home made collection... either way they are unheard and very good, also a Promo release of Neil Landstraums soon to drop release is going up later today as well and is worth a listen, a blend of very old skool 'rave' anthem 'snippets' woven into a dubstep style main frame. Makes for an enjoyable listen though I don't think it is a genre to be copied :)
The only difference from this version to the commercial are the track names are 'jumbled up', I personaly don't hear track names :))



Once again, Thank You for posting some timeless classics that when I 1st collected them in digital format were often of low quality, the opportunity to replace them is much appreciated (Bogdan, Bradley Strider, the 4 Squarepushers etc< I have them but 128/160 Kbps is painful :) and the buying them now would be more than I could afford on vinyl and I wouldn't want them on CD. :)

donsolo a dit…

the compression on the zip file is failing! can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reup this ep!!!

donsolo a dit…

the compression on the zip file is failing! can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reup this ep!!!