samedi 12 mai 2007

Collection "Basic Channel" limited edition (part 4)

Phylyps - Trak II (1994)

Une version limitée a été pressée en 500 exemplaires en novembre 2003 sur un vinyl transparent "marbré".

Limited clear marbled vinyl repress (500 copies) in November 2003.

Label: Basic Channel
Catalog#: BC-09
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Germany
Released: 1994

Style: Techno, Minimal

A Untitled
B Untitled

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P M X a dit…

You greatly improved my weekend... Thank you very much for everything, especially for the Basic Channel material~!
Vous avez considérablement amélioré mon week-end... Merci infiniment de tout, particulièrement pour le matériel du Basic Channel~!

Unknown a dit…

Nice stuff man....thanks.

FluffyCloud9 a dit…


Hmmmm, really thanks a lot for these releases, I love Basic Channel.

Great Blog, youre runnin...

Sabs ;O)

crybo a dit…

can't beat a bit of basic channel, check out my blog my second post way back last year was a Basic Channel mix that I did, it should still be available.

Peter Tron a dit…

o know i shouldn't do this, but i don't know how else to contact you about other posts not working.

I have carefully (5-6 times) tried to put the password in for the 'Boards of Canada' 'Hooper Bay' file, but it just does not recognise the password [].

please advise,



Thundard a dit…

Thanks for all your comments ^^
Thanks for all your comments ^^
Thanks for all your comments ^^

For the pass of Boards of Canada, the pass work! I got downloaded it and tested.

Sorry :(

grasprelease a dit…

Many thanks for this Basic Channel music! Very happy to hear more of this. I have been looking for the 2cd collection of Fluxion (on Basic Channel), I think it is called RADIANT FORMS II...if you happen to have that or know where I could look, I would appreciate it.

Your blog is fantastic! Keep up this great work.

t3yfrd a dit…

although it was asking the rumor, I thought truly that it was a wonderful label!
al were thankfully received from pt.1 to pt.4 of a collection.(the comment was allowed to indicate collectively.)
thx a lot!

Anonyme a dit…

L'un des meilleurs Basic Channel.
Excellement.... jouissif (les connaisseurs sauront de quoi je parle ;-) ).

Merci beaucoup.....

Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Review a dit…

Thanks for the post - have found this review of the new Von Oswald Trio LP. Thought you might be interested.