samedi 2 juin 2007

Bogdan Raczynski - '96 Drum n Bass Classixxx (2002)

Limited to 300 copies. Limité à 300 copies.

Label: Rephlex
Catalog#: CAT 120 LP
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Released: 2002

Style: Drill n'bass, Breakcore, A MUST HAVE!!! MASTERPIECE!!!

01 Mc Slammah & Digital Hooliganz - Reach for your lives
02 Suburban Fox - Battle zone 1996
03 Abdullah K - Trip to the boom
04 Re-start - 96 Ardkore Canin
05 DJ Whisky - On the case
06 Kingsland Kru - Pouch fulla seed (Hard on you rmx)
07 King Herod - Cyclops
08 Ronny Rinkles - Solid hold on me solid gold
09 4-cillinda - DD diabolical
10 The Optomotrist - Govenors banquet
11 Senator Steele - Put em up sharif
12 Agent 30 - 5l45h 4tt4ck 3nt3r k3y

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Anonyme a dit…


Real hardcore breakbeat Drill and Bass!

That's a good one!

Anonyme a dit…

So great. Thanks for posting this!

Anonyme a dit…

glad i own the record

most tracks on this were encoded at the wrong speed!

well that's the price you pay for piracy

Thundard a dit…

It's really the good speed on this vinyl!

Anonyme a dit…

I LOVE THIS ALBUM! I have 'Samauri Math Beats' and 'Boku Mo Wakaran' if you're interested.

Anonyme a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Hey! Thanx for this beautiful place of the Inet!!