vendredi 1 juin 2007

Skylab - Oh! (1995)

Label: L'Attitude Records
Catalog#: LATX021
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Pays: UK
Année: 1995

Style: Trip Hop, Downtempo, Experimental

01 These are the blues
02 Beyond the breeze
03 Red light, blue light
04 Indigo (Sabres of Paradise remix)
05 Seashell (Nobukazu Takemura mix)

4 commentaires:

snowbewon a dit…

thanks for posting this, i've had skylab #1 for years but i had no idea this existed. excellent!

Anonyme a dit…

thanx a lot for this post and the blog... don´t you maybe have their debut LP #1? I would appreciate if you could put it here.

mrrey23 a dit…

Thank you for this musical gem!

tropin alexey a dit…

thanks for that relise, it's very rare!