lundi 18 juin 2007

The Chemical Brothers - Flip the switch (2005)

Label: ...
Catalog#: ...
Format: MP3
Pays: ???
Année: 2005

Style: Downtempo, Big Beat, Tech House, Electro

01 Galvanize ('s Galvatron remix feat. Katie Enlow)
02 The boxer (Fujikato's unusual remix)
03 Believe (Belief, Elektric cowboy)
04 Hold tight London (Dunproofin's follow me mix feat. Katie Enlow)
05 Come inside (FakeID's elektrophunk dub)
06 The big jump (Backflip, Will Rokier)
07 Left right (JoolsMF Shoot'em up mix)
08 Close your eyes (Idiotech remix)
09 Shake break bounce (McSleazy remix)
10 Marvo ging (Big bad baz)
11 Surface to air (Across the air, Lenlow, feat. Katie Enlow)

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

these remixes aren't worth the download; get the original CB disc!

Anonyme a dit…

Pay no attention to the previous poster.......I have the original Disc and its great....

the Chemical brothers are really at their best when you can catch their live show........

This selection looks interesting and Im always a Phreak for the remixes.......
Thanx for this one

Senhor B a dit…

Greeeeeeeeeeeat stuff!
Thanks a lot!