jeudi 30 août 2007

Various artists - Electronic Toys (1996)

Label: Q.D.K. Media
Catalog#: CD 013
Format: CD
Pays: Germany
Année: 1996

Style: Abstract, Musique Concrète, Experimental... Weird!

01 - Cecil Canterburn - Catching game
02 - Rex Brown Company - Round up
03 - Dave Vorhaus - The diy machine
04 - Dave Richmond - Movin' along
05 - Ron Geesin - Ambling antics
06 - C. Larson & M.Landy - Highway E1
07 - Gerhard Trede - Technischer Bewegungsablauf
08 - Eric Peters - Keystone capers 2
09 - Ted Atking & Alain Feanch - Childrens carnival
10 - Dave Vorhaus - Mainframe blues
11 - Gerhard Trede - Gefahrenzone 1
12 - Roland Hovac - Bits
13 - Dave Vouhaus - Three D [A]

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julez a dit…

would you mind linking us on your blog and we'll return the favor

Anonyme a dit…

Wow your blog/taste in music is incredibly cool! :) I'm so happy I found you... Well I'm not sure if this is "allowed" in your blog but I've been looking for a nice clean rip (-one- high quality mp3 file + cue) of Sébastien Léger's "Medley" for ages. Looks like it's impossible for me to find it and I also haven't found a shop to buy this hot CD. So I was wondering if you (sharing also crydamoure & stuff + having incredible sources to get also a little aged high quality releases) could maybe help me out with that one?! That would be the nicest thing ever and you have to admit that "Medley" is a pretty cool CD!! ;)

P M X a dit…

bring on the weird.