mercredi 22 août 2007

Video Noise - Fragmentary (2002)

Label: Hausmusik
Catalog#: hm 059
Format: Vinyl, LP
Pays: Germany
Année: 2002

Style: Glitch, IDM, Experimental

01 And being inside doesn't mean you're in
02 Dare
03 Trashhould
04 Die echolotdaten
05 Psychotic download
06 _________
07 Fragmentary
08 Pelao
09 Nulldurchgang
10 Monosong
11 Die altstadt

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

ok...i will ask again:

HOW/WHERE can i upload albums or post the links to it in here???

i have the whole discogs of kettel, secede, autechre/gescom, richard d. james (aphex twin), squarepusher, venetian snares, wisp and more
i would be lucky to share some, because i found a lot of great stuff in here


Thundard a dit…

I have the whole catalog of Warp, Ninja Tunes, Skam, Peacefrog, Rephlex, Thrill Jockey, Morr Music etc.......

I them post not because, I do not like all. I post only what I know and what I like. Why not create another blog to divide what you have? I would put to you in the links.

P M X a dit…

I would love to have the entire catalogues of these artists and labels, mainly for historical archival purposes.

but yes - please do start your own blog! It's so easy, using Blogger. Way too easy not to!

send me an email privately and I'll take you through the process if you like -