jeudi 30 août 2007

X-101 (aka Jeff Mills, Mike Banks & Robert Hood) - X-101 (1991)

This is the first release of Tresor Records!!! Produced by Underground Resistance.

Label: Tresor
Catalog#: Tresor 1
Format: CD
Pays: Germany
Année: 1991

Style: Techno

01 Sonic destroyer
02 Rave new world
03 The final hour
04 G-Force
05 Whatever happen to peace
06 Mindpower

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Anonyme a dit…

128K ;-(

Anonyme a dit…

20/20 ;-)

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks so much. You're blog is great. Why not ad a shout box?

J Thyme...kind a dit…

Would love the UR one with the track "Space" on it.

Anonyme a dit…

Wonderful blog ! Thanx