samedi 13 octobre 2007

Flying Lotus - Demo 06 (2006)

Label: ???
Catalog#: ???
Format: ???
Pays: ???
Année: 2006

Style: Abstract Hip Hop, Experimental

01 Another night on the roof
02 Casi0 training
03 Clown hair
04 Dirty chopsticks
05 Fantastic whore
06 Gumdrop
07 Hell 06
08 Lonely beer bottle1
09 Maybe he aint lying
10 Mom
11 Orbit brazil
12 Sao paulo
13 Session cats
14 Slow it down
15 Temp
16 Tips and tricks
17 - Flyamsam (aka Flying Lotus) - Don't like the tree screw

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Flying lotus blows your head inside out. Big ups!!

P M X a dit…

This stuff is just amazing! merci

snowbewon a dit…

thanks, these beats are phenomenal. Your blog is great, check out mine when you have time.


The Big Racket! a dit…

It's great to hear his demo and unreleased work, thanks a lot :) great blog you have going on by the way