samedi 13 octobre 2007

I:Cube - Remixes (2001)

Label: Versatile Records
Catalog#: VERCD007
Format: CD, Compilation
Pays: France
Année: 2001

Style: Deep House, Downtempo

01 Ana Rago - You are god (I:Cube remix)
02 Doctor L - Temple on every street (I:Cube remix)
03 Demon - Lil fuck (I:Cube remix)
04 Vincenzo - Peace is not a word to play (I:Cube‘s Vocopop‘s Muzak mix)
05 DJ Boom - Kinda kickin (I:Cube remix)
06 I:Cube - Family tree
07 Paztek - Minimus (I:Cube remix)
08 Maas - Look at me now falling (Simple mix)
09 Maas - Look at me now falling (Naive mix)
10 Sylk 130 - Romeo's faith (I:Cube remix)

2 commentaires:

wooodenelephant a dit…

Tres bien. Merci.

Daniel a dit…

hi, do you have any other i:cubes vinyl? im looking for acid tablet, many thanks, merci, gracias!!!