samedi 13 octobre 2007

Spacetime Continuum with Terence McKenna - Alien Dreamtime (1993)

First Spacetime Continuum album.

Alien dreamtime was a multimedia event recorded live on February 26th/27th 1993 at the Transmission theater, San Francisco, CA. Electronic music written and produced live by Jonah Sharp. Digitally edited by Jonah Sharp and Naut Humon at the Compound, San Francisco (U.S.A.)

Label: Astralwerks
Catalog#: ASW 6107-2
Format: CD, Mixed
Pays: USA
Année: 1993

Style: Spoken Word, Ambient, Psychedelic, Acid

01 Archaic revival
02 Transient generator
03 Alien love
04 Speaking in tongues
05 Aerobatic
06 Timewave zero

12 commentaires:

Nightlight a dit…

Terence McKenna? Nice!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Avec Terence McKenna, la voix de l'apocalypse (cf Re:Evolution) :D

Anonyme a dit…

I have been looking for this album for a long time, thx so much!

Anonyme a dit…

lost this album years ago due to HD crash and now we meet again!
thank you so much for this timeless piece of music!

Synthetrix a dit…

Great music, but Terrance McKenna has the most annoying voice ever recorded.

Anonyme a dit…

Powerful stuff. I completely zoned out wjile listening to it in the bath

J Thyme...kind a dit…

Terence really shines here, as does Spacetime. Is there a second set with Terence?
Terence is such a link with the elders of trippy trippy like Tim Leary & the Merry Pranksters. This is a great document & live to boot.

Anonyme a dit…

Un "voyage" fort sympathique....
Je ne connaissais pas: merci pour cette découverte!

Anonyme a dit…

Merci, monsieur

the dead rocks a dit…

congratulation for the post.
the best and the holy for you!
we are just lights in the night.
thanks thanks thanks

Anonyme a dit…

i like this lp. thx

Step a dit…

Je glisse... ici et et là un petit mot de remerciement, j'écoute en ce moment Remit Recaps.. un des meilleur REFLECTIVE.. Mec c'est de la balle !

M^me ThUnDerDoME vol 1.. Excellent.. Mes premiers pas dans l'univers rave.. Que d'émotion !!