mardi 23 octobre 2007

The MD Connection - Tracks that move ya (1989)

Extremely rare acid classics!

Label: Muzique Records
Catalog#: MR-003
Format: Vinyl, LP
Pays: USA
Année: 1989

Style: Acid

01 Frantic machine
02 It ain't goin' on
03 Magic feet (orig.)
04 Self preservation
05 Piano houze
06 Soothe my soul
07 The M rules
08 Laser scan

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Anonyme a dit…

Great Thx for the fine Acid tracks!!!

Anonyme a dit…

wow, amazing stuff!!!
any chance you could re up it at a higher bit rate, please.
great work.

The Slow Decay a dit…

Care to exchange blog links?

Esquimal a dit…

Great blog!
We want stay in your blogroll.
Change links?

Anonyme a dit…

thanks for the great music!