samedi 23 février 2008

DAT Politics - Wow twist (2006)

Label: Chicks On Speed Records
Catalog#: COSR031CD
Format: CD, Album

Pays: France
Année: 2006

Style: Experimental

01 Viper eyes
02 Turn my brain off
03 What's DAT
04 Gravity
05 Dizzy zip
06 My Toshiba is alive
07 Free roll
08 Fake friend
09 Wow signal
10 Video tape
11 Flea wheel fest

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks a lot, man


Anonyme a dit…

this record makes me jump everywhere when i listen to it.

Bren 気 a dit…

what you do if you want to put the wallpaper under the things you write here in the blog.. i mean i cant do it jaoajaoajo well whatever i like it!

neclovek a dit…

thanx mate

Anonyme a dit…

thanks .. :) ;)

Anonyme a dit…