samedi 2 février 2008

Skalpel - Polish Jazz (2000)

Label: ...
Catalog#: ...
Format: CD
Pays: Poland
Année: 2000

Style: Abstract, Jazz

01 Newly arrived from Poland
02 Tension
03 The dream of the sleepless man
04 Directions
05 The fairy tale from a dusty crate
06 Sculpture

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Michael (UK) dit...
Merci beaucoup pour ceci.
I am English but am half Polish too. I was in Spain recently and saw Skalpel on a music channel performing 'Sculpture'. I was suprised to get home to find out that they are Polish. But this album is very good. Thank you again.

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Anonyme a dit…

hey, just discovered your blog! awesome! i was trying to open the dj rolando post for jaguar, but the password didn't work. could you help please!!! i love that track and would love to have it!

thank you!


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Greetings Thundard,

I just raided your vaults looking for new good music. I've got plenty to last awhile! Thanks for being so dedicated and making this a fantastic blog. Also, you should check out Filastine if you haven't heard him. I ripped a -V0 copy of his album 'burn it' which you can download here:
I would have emailed it to you but couldn't find your address. More info can be found here:

Style: World, Hip-hop, electronic, experimental


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My god he looks like lasse marhaug.

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I love your blog its fab!!!

Have you got

Big Band Katowice - Music For My Friends (1977) ?

If you have could you upload

Many thanks Stuart

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1st - Obrigado, Boards of Electronica, really nice stuff here.

2nd - Hey Stuart check this -