samedi 23 février 2008

Steve Stoll - Exiled (2005)

Limited to 1000 copies. Mastered by Pete Namlook !

Label: Fax +49-69/450464
Catalog#: PS 08/107
Format: CD, Limited Edition
Pays: Germany
Année: 2005

Style: Techno, Tech House, Ambient

01 Early reflections
02 Exiled
03 My dying machines
04 A or N
05 Check one
06 First impression
07 Fly it rite
08 How we do
09 New life
10 Rear view
11 Reset
12 Small ink
13 Easy being

4 commentaires:

gclot a dit…

this is great. reminds me of maurizio on speed. thanks for ALL the wonderful music

thyess a dit…

merci ! je connaissais les vieux stoll techno, mais la, cet album est une putain de reussite ..

The Bside Of The Leisure a dit…

plusieurs merci beaucoup par un disque si incroyable depuis chile

Anonyme a dit…

Anything to do with Pete Namlook is alright in my book and this is no exception.