samedi 2 février 2008

Holy Ghost - The mind control of Candy Jones (1996)

Label: Tresor
Catalog#: Tresor 56
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP
Pays: Germany
Année: 1996

Style: Techno

01 MK ultra
02 Art lukm
03 Nutron fink
04 Zombie assassin
05 Vulture 5
06 Interface to soul
07 Dr. Strangelove
08 Manchurian candidate

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

superb album, I´ve it original, already listening to it

the saucer people a dit…

Its amazing the longevity of Holy Ghost(Inc) now clocking up twenty plus years of releases. I first came across them through the 'Mad Monks On Zinc' release back in the early nineties and on the few occasions I play a DJ set these days, that track still gets an incredible reaction.
This is definately one of those albums that should be far more well known than it is but I guess that reflects the subject matter of the record itself...very few people know who Candy Jones was; an unwitting participant in the CIA Mind Control program MKUltra who was programmed with a split personality to undertake various clandestine intelligence operations...she eventually broke free of the programming, wrote a book with her partner, radio host 'Long John Nebel' called unsuprisingly, 'The Mind Control Of Candy Jones'...her story also features in the excellent Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowett (PDFs are floating around torrent sites).....and the music itself...amazing how it fits the subject matter, they obviously took what they were doing seriously.
Its good to see artists who are still engaged in cutting edge music after all these years though it would be even better if Holy Ghost were more recognised but I guess thats the way they like it and it does seem artists who adopt a low media profile can go on for much longer than the ones who get such attention and praise only to get eaten up and spit out as 'the next big thing' comes along with dreary predictability....