samedi 23 février 2008

Xploding Plastix - Amateur girlfriends go proskirt agents (2001)

Brilliant !!

Label: Beatservice Records
Catalog#: BSCD038
Format: CD, Album
Pays: Norway
Année: 2001

Style: Breakbeat, Acid Jazz, Future Jazz (Highly organic!)

01 Sports, not heavy crime
02 Funnybones & lazylegs
03 6 hours starlight
04 Behind the eightball
05 Single stroke ruffs
06 Treat me mean, I need the reputation
07 Relieved beyond repair
08 Tintinnamputation
09 More powah to yah
10 Having smarter babies
11 Far-flung tonic
12 Happy jizz girls
13 Doubletalk gets through to you
14 Comatose luck

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

This is an unbelievable record!
Like you said, absolutely organic, jazzy, cool and highly addictive!

Thank you very much for this!
The Cinematic Orchestra has a new best friend!

Greetz from Berlin, Phil

Ye Shoggoth awakened a dit…

Very nice! I like this a lot.

Greetings from Newcastle UK.