lundi 30 juillet 2007

The Flying Lizards - The Flying Lizards (1980) (1995)

Re-release of the original album (released in 1980) with 3 extra tracks (11-13). Licensed from Virgin Records UK. A 20bit 88.2kHz mastering.

Label: Virgin Records (Japan)
Catalog#: VJCP-17501
Format: CD
Pays: Japan
Année: 1980 and 1995

Style: Synth-pop, Experimental, Ambient

01 Mandelay song
02 Her story
03 TV
04 Russia
05 Summertime blues
06 Money
07 The flood
08 Trouble
09 Events during flood
10 The window
11 All guitars
12 Tube
13 Money (Single edit)

4 commentaires:

Spring Day a dit…

C'est mon premier visite ici à Boards of Electronic, et j'ai découvert beaucoup des bons alboums, merci beaucoup. Normalement je ne suis pas interessé par la musique eletronique, mais car j'ai fait une série des posts avec electronica à mon blog, j'ai cru c'est une bonne idée de chiner un peu. J'aime particulièrement Flying Lizards et Rinne Radio.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks so much again.

Anonyme a dit…

My girlfriend ran off with this vinyl LP years ago, I bought it when it was released, I have missed it so much. Thanks

Unknown a dit…

This is absolutely great! Thank you for loading up this album - I was looking for it for years. "Windows" is my favorite one.
Keep on!