mardi 10 juillet 2007

Gescom (aka Autechre, Bola, Rob Hall & Daniel 72) - A & B (1994)

Discogs Notes: Contains xeroxed A4 insert. 1st pressing insert states "No information at this moment ... in time". Second pressing has other text on insert. First pressing came in a white stamped record mailer.

Label: Skam
Catalog#: SKA002
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Pays: UK
Année: 1994

Style: Abstract, Electro, Experimental, Ambient

01 Dan one
02 Five
03 Cicada
04 Sciew spoc

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Turk a dit…

Thundard :)

Now you are posting SKAM label stuff!!

Superb quality tunes !!

I have many myself on Mask, Smak & of course Skam

I would like to swap lists. If you will allow me some time to create 1 (it will be fairly long)

Also maybe you would prefer to tell my what genre/s you prefer as I have (probably like yourself) 1000's of records & CDs.

I try to divide them into
IDM (this covers almost ALL electronic music not in the other genres)

Drum 'n' Bass (Darkside to Neurofunk etc)

Breakcore, Noisecore

Jungle, Raggacore

Dubstep, Grime

Hip Hop (underground)
Def Jux, Big Dada & the Mo-Wax styles. Tech Nine/Jedi Mind Tricks/El-P/Roots Manuva to Wagon Christ and more beat orientated records.
This is hard to be precise but will NOT include Rap (I'm not a Rap fan though I do have a small collection)

Hip-Hop (mainstream)
Some Wu-Tang, KRS 1, P.E. etc

Q-Bert, DJ Yoda, Fing-a-thing and the usual Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow etc

then its
Punk (modern to a large collection of original 70s stuff)

'Rock'/Lo-Fi/"Indie"(?) again hard to describe Wedding Present, Flaning Lips, Pavement, The Fall, Built to Spill and some more recent stuff but not a lot.



50s/60s Psych, Garage Rock Virtually all of Velvet Underground & The Beach Boys with a lot from Chocoreve blog on top.

World Music inc Field Recordings

Then theres quite a few Labels or collections such as :-
Electro Streetsounds collection (breakdance stuff)

Much needs re organising as it grew over 3 hard drives, I am now sorting through everything, adding tags, replacing with better rips etc

my direct email is

turk00 [at]
if you wish to contact me.


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