jeudi 5 juillet 2007

Kraftwelt - Electric dimension (1996)

Label: Cleopatra
Catalog#: CLP 9796-2
Format: CD
Pays: USA
Année: 1996

Style: Electro, IDM, Ambient, Leftfield, Abstract

01 The fiery angels of orc
02 Into the cabinet
03 Deranged
04 Clockworked
05 Vox box
06 Sonar blow job
07 1187
08 Neocafe
09 Confusion
10 Interference
11 The path
12 Adventures in orienta
13 Suspected subcity substances
14 In the rubbertree forest
15 Voltage
16 Sci-fi memento
17 Electric dimension
18 Wind blues
19 Bon voyage

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Nickel le skeud !!!

Sinon, un truc bien trippant en license Crative Commons (ca vaut vraiment le coup):

Salut !

Anonyme a dit…

It's nice, but track 12 "adventures in orienta" is incomplete :-(

Anonyme a dit…

Yo. Having cherrypicked so many dope rarities from your incredible blog I just want to say THANKS for sharing the knowledge! You will be guided safely through the intergalactic highways in honour of your sound soldiering. The Intergalactic Funk Warriors.