lundi 30 juillet 2007

The Railway Raver - Drop Acid not bombs (1998)

Track 11 is found on side A of the limited bonus 7" BR 1988 EP found with the first 1000 pressings of the LP version.

Label: Rephlex
Catalog#: CAT 066 CD
Format: CD, Album
Pays: UK
Année: 1998

Style: Acid

01 Mine storm
02 My Lacoste (577 N Mix)
03 Mantons' Run (On The Run)
04 202 to ravetown
05 The Elizabethan Pornograph Smugglers
06 To be a man like Ingersol
07 Land of conclusion
08 The eyes of Garfield (Part II)
09 Keith's trumpets
10 Nesbits' way!
11 Acid for the 90's

4 commentaires:

P M X a dit…

woah thanks! I've always seen this on the Rephlex back catalogue, and never knew what it was. excellent.

Anonyme a dit…

Du très bon acid... Chez Rephlex, de toutes façons, il faut tout avoir ^^

Anonyme a dit…

Goeie shit ouwe!
good one this, thanks

Anonyme a dit…

Merci pour cet excellent album.
A écouter d'urgence pour ceux qui aime le son Acid.