lundi 30 juillet 2007

Populous - Quipo (2002)

Label: Morr Music
Catalog#: MM033
CDFormat: CD
Pays: Germany
Année: 2002

Style: Leftfield, IDM

01 Bottom 01
02 Ent-The Dexo
03 Flu
04 Charol Astra
05 Clijster-Blepharo Edit
06 Ext.Rhodes Bank
07 Hi Hat The Ro:Q's DRNS
08 Stretch Abuse+Snare
09 Bottom 02

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Froz3n a dit…

Fantastic stuff.... Man... why you've done this work? This blog i mean... i'm curious to know what are the psychological processes behind this Professional acitivy of sharing... :) Thanks again... do you know Harald Bjork's remix for Populous' Raimondo?