lundi 30 juillet 2007

Elecktroids - Electroworld (1995)

Label: Warp Records
Catalog#: WARP CD 35
Format: CD
Pays: UK
Année: 1995

Style: Electro

01 Future tone
02 Perpetual motion
03 Japanese elecktronics
04 Check mate
05 Mystery world
06 Silicone valley
07 Midnight drive
08 Thermo science
09 Stun gun
10 Floatation
11 Time tunnel

10 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I search this album for 1 year! I love your blog, I love your music

Anonyme a dit…

Me too! ever since I heard Midnight Drive (i think) on one of the Blech tapes...
Along with the Railway raver album... incredible post!!

Gerry a dit…

Thanks a lot!

Anonyme a dit…

quality record... hard to find now...

Anonyme a dit…

thanks very much,
great blog!!!!

P M X a dit…

drexciya lives

Anonyme a dit…

¡Muchas gracis!

You got racks coming out of your ass!
I'm glad some of us held onto our records

Anonyme a dit…

merci beaucoup ;)

thanks a lot! got two of their tracks on dave clark's x mix i dug out of dust today, can't wait to hear the whole album!

Anonyme a dit…

Rumour has it that this was a projct by Drexciya but its only a rumour and not a fact and could be from someone else entirely.

XVI a dit…

Mega Thx!